HUGS Ambassadors


Cecily Real

Cecily Real is a Senior HUGS Ambassador. She is currently in nursing school at Angelo State University working hard to fulfill her dreams of becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. After graduation, she plans to travel to third world countries to inspire and give children the chance to take advantage of the opportunities that many of us are so blessed to have. She is involved with many extracurricular activities, including the Honors Program since her freshman year as a general member, emissary, and a mentor to the freshman that are in the program. She is the secretary for a Christian sorority called Sigma Phi Lambda and the community service chair for the year.

"I hope that by working with Give More HUGS I can spark the love of learning among children since everyone deserves the chance to get a quality education, no matter their circumstance."


Haley Rhodes    

Haley Rhodes is a Senior HUGS Amabssador. She is a junior Intelligence, Security Studies, and Analysis major from Midland, TX. She attends Angelo State University where she serves as the Student Body Vice President.

"I joined Give More HUGS in order to spread awareness of the need for quality education worldwide and to make a change in any way that I can."


Harrison Bailey    

Harrison Bailey is  Junior HUGS Ambassador. He is from from Fresno, California. Half of the year he lives on the island of Dominica, where he works as a Rescue Diver for a dive shop.  

"I have seen the kids in Dominica struggle to have access to educational materials and extracurriculars, and I know that they deserve much more. I believe all students should receive a quality education."


Vanessa Meyer    

Vanessa Meyer is a Junior HUGS Ambassador. She attends Angelo State University as a linguistics major. She is passionate about traveling and has been blessed with the opportunity to attend three study abroad programs while in college, all in different countries. She loves her job of working with children at her church. During her free time she loves spending time outside running, hiking, swimming, playing tennis, and participating in other sports. She also spends her time writing for her university’s newspaper. Vanessa believes that the brightness of the future lies within quality education, which is why Give More H.U.G.S. is a perfect fit for her. She hopes to teach English abroad after graduation and provide students with the tools necessary for success.

"Quality education is extremely important in order to evoke love rather than war in the young minds of today, who will eventually be our future leaders."


Julia McCarthy    

Julia McCarthy is a Junior HUGS Ambassador. She attends Manhattan College in New York. 

"To be an ambassador for Give More HUGS is to be an advocate for every child to have the right to a sound education."


Reagan McGee    

Reagan McGee is a Junior HUGS Ambassador. She is a senior at Angelo State University. She will soon be a graduate with a psychology major and English minor. After she graduates in May, she plans to attend the University of North Texas to pursue a Master's degree in counseling. In the future, she wants to be a marriage and family counselor. She is highly involved with her community. She currently works as an After School Care teacher at the Texas Leadership Charter Academy teaching 5th and 6th grade, and she volunteers at her church.

"I became a HUGS ambassador because I want to help foster a love for learning in children. Every child deserves a quality education."


Simone Jane    

Simone is a Senior HUGS Ambassador. She is in ninth grade and believes that everyone deserves a quality education.  Just a few months ago, Simone and her friend collected over 1000 books and sold t shirts through the SPARK campaign to give books to students who may not have access to their own. She hopes to continue to do more projects like this. 

"Learning is such an important tool that everyone deserves no matter who they are. Learning can take you to places you’ve never been before. With Give More Hugs I want to spread all these ideas with social media and doing awesome projects."


Stella Bandak    

Stella Bandak is a Junior HUGS Ambassador. She is in middle school in Middlebury, CT. She is an avid lacrosse, field hockey and basketball player. She loves to ski and do ballet and tap. She has recently complete a few triathlons, winning in her age group. Prior to middle school she was a Long Meadow Leader where she enjoyed helping out younger kids in the school. She is also involved with her church as an alter server. She brings a lot of excitment to the Give More HUGS Ambassador Program. She hopes to inspire all kids to make a positive difference in education.

"I believe all children should have access to books and school supplies so they can be the best they can be. I will continue to spread kindness and love being a HUGS Ambassador!!"