Leadership Speaker

The nonprofit organization Give More HUGS (GMH) is currently accepting proposal from nonprofit leaders, social changemakers, teachers, administrators, and professionals in all fields to engage and empower young leaders to be active community leaders who transform how communities work together to help alleviate both education and poverty issues.

The GMH Leadership Speaker Series begins October 2016 and ends April 2017. Each month a guest speaker will be invited to virtually meet with the HUGS Ambassador team to give a talk on any of the approved topics listed below.  Proposals should be submitted online before August 1, 2016.  Before applying to be a guest speaker, please read all the information in the proposal guide to ensure that you understand the focus for the Leadership Speaker Series.

Click here to submit a Leadership Speaker Series proposal.

Session Topics should cover the following topic area:

What it takes to lead change?


Education inequalities

Access to books for children in low-income communities

Fundraising for your social change project

Mindfulness in the workplace

Speaker Benefits  

Meet students leaders who are making an impact in their community

Exposure on GMH website and social media

Opportunity to mentor and inspire students to be social activists

Networking opportunities

If you have any questions about submitting a proposal, email admin@givemorehugs.org.