Founder's Story

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FoundersStory 1130x325 JG 24Feb16-01


Give More HUGS began in 2011 when my wife and I moved to Dominica; our time in this country changed our lives. We met many people from all over the world who shared the rich and beautiful Dominican culture with us. It was through these experiences that we realized how lucky we were as middle class citizens of the United States. There were things that we had that we may have taken for granted, like food on our tables every night and the opportunity to receive an education to help us pursue our dreams and goals. However, many children who live in poverty in Dominica, and all over the world, are not so lucky and we realized many people were silently crying for support. The experiences in Dominica triggered sad memories of how my family sacrificed to get to the United States in order to allow me the opportunities that I had. Sacrifices made specifically by my mother.

My mother grew up in poverty in the Philippines where she lived in a bamboo house with dirt floors. My mother's education was taken away from her at the age of 11 years old when her father made her quit school to focus on her work on the family farm. This experience caused my mother to become vigilant in her motivation for my sisters and I to do well in school. Though times have changed, not all children have the opportunity to pursue their dreams through education. I created Give More HUGS because it is time that every child, no matter what background, receives access to a quality education. 

The honorable and late Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I stand and live by this quote because I know education continues to change the world. I believe education can inspire children to free their mind, find their way, and change their life. My wife and I are very thankful for our education and the opportunities that have come our way because of our hard work and educational experiences. Equal education opportunities can help make this world a better and brighter place. I encourage every student in the United States to use their education to pursue their dreams!  

I believe one day every child will have the opportunity to reach their potential because of their experiences in school. Give More HUGS continues to learn, grow, and impact student lives. With your support, we can continue to help underprivileged children receive a higher quality of education. It is time that we unite through education to stand up together, learn together, grow together, and change the world together!  



Christopher McGilvery

Founder and Executive Director