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About the Program

Give More HUGS (GMH) HUGS Ambassador Program provides the opportunity for students, middle school through college level, to participate in creating change within their community. Students are invited to apply for this unique social changemaker model to support quality education for all. The program runs for one school year and is divided into two terms, Fall and Spring. Students interested in becoming a leader in their community are encouraged to fill out an application to join this program. After members of the GMH Leadership Team and the Board of Directors have reviewed applications, students are invited for an interview. Once the interview process is complete, the most qualified students are chosen. Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be open from March 1st to June 21st! Click here to go to the application page.

  Founding HUGS Ambassadors Christy Wallace and Tara Jorski


Founding Ambassadors

The first Ambassadors were Christy Wallace and Tara Jorski, now GMH Leadership Team members, who were living in Dominica as spouses of Ross University Medical School students. These inspiring women held many job titles while living on island, but we're excited to add HUGS Ambassador to their resumes! They paved the way to ignite change within the community by hosting a GIVE & GO Rummage Sale that purchased school supplies, medical supplies, clothing, and basic necessities to families, students, homeless shelters, and elderly care centers across the island. These women arranged door-to-door pickups and delivered items directly to those in need. They are great examples of what it takes to be a HUGS Ambassador! 


HUGS Ambassadors

HUGS Ambassadors are highly motivated students (Middle School – College) who serve as advocates for the Give More HUGS nonprofit organization. The mission of the HUGS Ambassador Program is to increase awareness about students in need and provide the essential tools to help foster their academic success. By joining this program, students will become leaders within their communities and school campuses around the world!

Students from different areas of the world are joining the Give More HUGS Movement to make a difference in their community! Together, we can change the lives of children by promoting the need for quality education for all. Help us provide students with the tools that inspire a love for learning, reading, and creativity! Ambassadors work together to plan events that inspire, motivate, and encourage change in the lives of students.  These experiences give HUGS Ambassadors an opportunity to conduct community service hours while making a positive difference.


  • Program Requirements (August - April): As a HUGS Ambassador there are three major requirements. These requirements include:
    • communicating with an assigned mentor
    • attending monthly Live or Pre-Recorded video training sessions and submitting associated tasks
    • hosting/participating in at least two events or projects that promote the mission of Give More HUGS.

*In the event that some requirements were not met during the first term, an opportunity will be given to make them up. This opportunity may include, but are not limited to, actions such as writing a short summary of an article that supports or is related to the GMH mission, reviewing PowerPoint slides from missed trainings, completing questions related to the information presented, and/or completing two events/projects during the second term rather than one.

 Hear more about the program from past ambassadors!



A mentor within the same region as the ambassador will be made available to assist with any detailed questions that may arise during their commitment to volunteering with Give More HUGS. This mentor will provide encouragement and guidance throughout any events or activities lead by the ambassador. Some mentors may be in charge of more than one ambassador within their region. The mentors will be members of the GMH leadership team and/or Sr. Ambassadors that have been with the organization for more than one year. Mentoring is a powerful personal and leadership development tool that can enable the ambassador to achieve great success within the organization. This portion of the program offers inspiration, advice on professional development, identifies resources available to the ambassador, advice on networking opportunities, while providing overall one on one support throughout the entirety of the program.


Ambassador Distinctions (Categories)

There are two distinct categories of ambassadors. This allows for individuals within GMH, as well as those in the community, to differentiate between those who have been members of the Ambassador Program for a longer period of time and those who have more recently joined. The categories are as follows.

  • JUNIOR AMBASSADOR: These individuals are students (junior high through college level) that have committed to completing the Give More HUGS Ambassador Program for the first time.
  • SENIOR AMBASSADOR: Upon completion of the first year with the organization, Junior Ambassadors will have the opportunity to advance into this level of leadership. These individuals are students that have previously completed the GMH Ambassador Program and invited to continue with the organization because of their leadership and commitment to the mission of GMH. In addition to meeting the requirements for the HUGS Ambassador program, they also assist with trainings and provide mentorship to the Junior Ambassadors. 


How to Become a HUGS Ambassador Today

Junior and Senior Ambassadors Applications

HUGS Ambassador Applications for the 2019-20 HUGS Ambassador Program are open until June 21st, 2019! Click here to submit your application today!


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