HUGS Ambassador Testimonials


How would you describe the HUGS Ambassador Program?


"It is an amazing opportunity to unite with other like-minded souls who want to better the future through inspiring education, creativity, and reading in young minds."

- Vannessa Meyer, 2015-2016 HUGS Ambassador

"It helps people develop leadership qualities and inspires us to want to help others."

- Stella Bandak, 2015-2016 HUGS Ambassador

"It gives you the chance to help other students and to make a difference. You have an entire team behind you, leading you towards success."

- Chloe Kirk, 2015-2016 HUGS Ambassador 



Were you given opportunities to develop new skills as part of this program?


"I learned responsibility, organization, and how to be a leader. You connect with people all across the globe and learn how to be a better part of the community."

- Simone Fortin, 2015-2016 HUGS Ambassador 

"There is no simple way to teach leadership; it is such a complex, intricate skill to develop. But this program breaks that skill down into its many components - communication, teamwork, passion - and gives you a foundation to build from."

- Sydney Asselstine, 2016-2017 HUGS Ambassador



What did you enjoy the most about the HUGS Ambassador Program?


"I enjoyed the camaraderie between each ambassador in the program. We all worked together to accomplish the tasks and to make a change in the world."

- Hailey Callanan, 2015-2016 HUGS Ambassador

"I loved meeting all of the passionate people - from other ambassadors to the people in my community that supported the GMH mission."

- Haley Rhodes, 2015-2016 HUGS Ambassador