HUGS Backpack

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Why #HUGSBackpack?

Millions of students come to school without basic school supplies needed for a successful education. These tools can help pave a way for a child to develop a lifelong love for learning. While many families struggle to provide school supplies for their children, many schools also lack the funding to purchase these resources for their students. The #HUGSBackpack program provides individuals, classrooms, and even entire schools with the tools that they are in most need of.

Application will open in January 2019.

GMH backpack application cycle is closed. The next backpack application cycle will open in January 2019. School districts and teachers that are interested in partnering with us are encouraged to email 


This is how YOU can help:

Be a part of the #HUGSBackpack program to help provide the “Tools for School” for students in need. We are always looking for dedicated and passionate volunteers to help support the #HUGSBackpack program! There are many ways you can help give school supplies to inspire and motivate underprivileged students to believe that school is a pathway for future success.