HUGS Book Share

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Why #HUGSBookShare?

Countless amounts of used texts and literature are handed to the dumping grounds, while there are children who do not have a book to call their own. There are millions of children who do not have access to quality and relevant books in their home. Give More HUGS (GMH) believes a child will develop a love for reading when they can cherish their own book. The #HUGSBookShare program is unique because we provide books with handwritten inspirational messages inside to spark the love for reading and provide encouragement to students who need it the most.


Application will open in January 2019.

GMH BookShare application cycle is closed. The next BookShare application cycle will open in January 2019. Teachers that are interested in partnering with us are encouraged to email 



This is how YOU can help:

Be a part of the #HUGSbookShare because it’s all “For the Love of Reading!” We are always looking for dedicated and passionate volunteers to help share the love of reading for students in underserved communities. There are many ways you can help give books and words of encouragement to students in need.

  • VOLUNTEER to host a Book Signing event. After you collect books, invite your family and friends to sign inspirational messages inside each book. Once all books are signed, it's ready to share with a teacher and students in your community.