HUGS Campaigns



There are more than 16 million children who live with families below the poverty level in the U.S. At Give More HUGS, we strive to unite with giving individuals to be a part of the #HUGSMovement so we can help to change students’ lives through education.

Participate in one (or more) of our HUGS Campaigns to inspire and impact many lives! Give hope to students who need our support the most! We want YOU to work with our awesome team to be the change the world needs to make it a better and brighter place.

Choose your favorite campaign:

WarmUp Wednesdays

#WarmUpWednesdays are designed to help teachers implement weekly writing sessions into their classrooms. It only takes 10-20 minutes. With Give More HUGS support and curriculum, teachers will be able to use quick writes to encourage their students to actively write about topics they can relate to. The goal is for students to develop fluent writing capabilities and learn how to express themselves through writing.Click here to read more about #WarmUpWednesdays. 

Raise Your Voice for Education

Raise Your Voice campaign is designed to provide individuals from all parts of the world with opportunities to have access to quality education. The survey that is provided with this campaign only takes 2-3 minutes. Encouraging tips will allow students to get  inspiration that will allow them to have a radiant future.

HUGS Book Drive

The Book Drive campaign is part of the Book Share program. Groups or organizations are asked to collect an assortment of books through a drive. Whether it’s for a few days or just one day, any books collected are branded and then shipped off to a classroom or school in need. We want to plant the love of reading in every child and we’re starting by providing children with their very own book.

HUGS Supply Collectors

Participants will conduct a supply drive before the end of the school year in their local communities, with the help of their friends, family or coworkers! They will box the supplies collected and send it to Give More Hugs, and we’ll make sure all materials arrive safely to schools that need them most. Participants that sign up will receive GMH marketing materials to help them promote their drive.