HUGS Impact

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Give More HUGS works to unite communities to help students in need. HUGGERS are students, professionals, donors, volunteers, Board members, leaders, community partners, and friends who are passionate about our mission and commitment to education. Our core team of HUGGERS are students (middle school, high school and college age) we train and mentor. These students participate in our HUGS Ambassador program to become leaders who help provide educational resources, books, and inspiration to students in need. They discover their leadership potential while providing underprivileged students with the tools to inspire a lifelong love for learning, reading, and creativity. Our Ambassadors help ensure students in low income communities have the resources needed to actively participate in their education while motivating them to dream big.  2017 was another great year! All of the Board members, Leadership Team, HUGS Ambassadors, community partners, and volunteers help us make our work possible! Together, we are changing lives one student at a time!