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Hosting a Give More HUGS event is many things: fun, inspiring, impactful - that’s just the beginning! It takes a special person to decide to put their time towards helping impact students in need, so thank you for taking this step and helping to change the lives of students in your community!

We want to provide you with access to all of the tools necessary to host a successful HUGS event! These kits will guide you through setting up your event, whether you have chosen to hold a HUGS Backpack, Book Drive, Book Signing, or BookShare event. These kits contain instructions for getting started with your event and materials that will help you promote and host an amazing HUGS event. We hope that they benefit you as much as they have others!

Goodluck with planning your event! Remember that with every book or school supply collected, one more child is impacted!

Download your Digital BookDrive today! 

Coming Soon! 

Coming soon!