In.Light.In is a ministry that shares God’s love with the children of Portsmouth, Dominica.  Every Friday afternoon volunteers join local kids in the park to play games, make a craft, and share a meal. They also help with buying groceries and donating clothing, toys, and school supplies to those families and students in need.

Give More HUGS has had the privilege of recently providing school supplies to the In.Light.In ministry. Rebecca Aaron, the leader of In.Light.In made a statement about her experience, “I love the mission of Give More HUGS. I think God has given people here a heart to give, but sometimes it can be difficult knowing where and how to give. Give More HUGS provides a great link between ministries/needs and donators. Most ministries could always use more help and I think Give More HUGS is a great mediator to help spread God’s love and encourage community growth and kids’ development. When founder Chris McGilvery gave the school supplies to In.Light.In, the children were very attentive and very obviously excited! When we had the kids make “thank you” notes for the donators they were VERY enthusiastic to share their excitement and gratitude.”

Give More HUGS was so excited to be able to make an impact with In.Light.In, and looks forward to many more opportunities to give.  If your organization, or an organization you know, would benefit from any of the Give More Hugs programs, please contact us.