Plaza Tower Elementary Story

The administrators, teachers, staff, and students of Plaza Tower Elementary are an inspiration. Bouncing back from the tragic events of last May is a story that must be shared.

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The children of Plaza Tower Elementary School say “Thank You!”

After hearing about the tornadoes hitting Moore, Oklahoma. Many around the world came together to help the city get back on their feet. I still believe many are still trying to get back on their feet. We at Give More HUGS continue to think of ways to help support the schools affected by the tornadoes.

We first reached out to the Principal Amy Simpson to let her know that Give More HUGS wanted to help with restocking their classrooms with school supplies. All of the teachers were excited about our efforts, and we were more than excited to help provide school supplies for the teachers and students. We were able to send over 275 pounds of school supplies and resources to Plaza Tower Elementary. We couldn’t have done this without those individuals, businesses, and universities that teamed up with us. It was a team effort. Thank you to Energy Fabrication, University of Texas at Permian Basin, Angelo State University’s Educator Preparation Information Center, and the Teacher Store for uniting with us!

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The school year is almost halfway done, and the administrators, teachers, staff and students seem to be in good spirits. Overcoming the many challenges this last year was not easy, and we commend their community for sticking together through all of the challenges. “We are still recovering, but feel so blessed by the generous donations given to our school” stated Mrs. Darter, a teacher at the school. The community at Plaza Tower Elementary School continues to stay strong for the kids, and Give More HUGS admires them for their strength. We continue to wish them well and will always be there for them! HUGS are a forever impact.