Program Overview

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At Give More HUGS (GMH) we realize that the lack of proper school supplies, resources, and support can greatly impair a student’s academic success. We also know that the lack of academic resources can make effective lesson planning more difficult for teachers. We strive to unite with giving souls to provide students in need with the tools that inspire a love for learning, reading, and creativity!

GMH needs community partners like you to unite with us to help make sure each child is given the tools to actively participate in a quality education. Learn more about our programs and how we aim to help teachers while they motivate students to achieve both personal and academic success. Each year, we impact over 12,000 students’ lives in Texas, New York, Connecticut, Dominica, and wherever our student ambassadors live. We have created a unique model to engage students to help spread GMH programs to impact more students annually. Check out each program and learn how your support can help us change lives, one student at a time. 

Learn More About Our Programs


HUGS Ambassadors



HUGS Ambassadors are highly motivated students (Grades 8 – College) who serve as advocates for the GMH non-profit organization. The mission of the HUGS Ambassador Program is to increase awareness about students in need and provide the essential tools to help foster their academic success. By joining the HUGS Ambassadors Program, students become active change agents within their communities and on school campuses around the world! CLICK HERE to learn more about the HUGS Ambassador program!


HUGS Backpack


The HUGS Backpack program provides individuals, classrooms, and even entire schools with the tools that they are in most need of. These tools can range from small things such as pens, paper, & crayons to large items such as curriculum materials, computers, and bookshelves.  



HUGS Book Share


GMH wants to inspire all students to find their love of learning, reading, and creativity. The Book Share program provides new or gently used books, each with a handwritten inspirational message, to encourage and empower students in need. Help put a book with an inspirational message into the hands of student’s who needs it most! 


Each school, classroom teacher and student impacted by Give More HUGS will have the opportunity to share their HUGS story.


Big HUGS and THANKS to the following organizations that support Give More HUGS programs. If you are interested in becoming a partner or financial sponsor, e-mail