Merhawit Girmay

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Merhawit Girmay

Backpack Coordinator

is the founder/coordinator of Selfless Act Drive since April 2016, a donation drive taking place in Dominica at the end of each semester to provide necessities being donated by students to the local community. She currently lives with her husband in Dominica where he attends Ross University School of Medicine.


She graduated from George Mason University with a B.S in Biology with a minor in Information Technology. Although her background was mostly science and research based, she always had a love for volunteering, event planning and community outreach that she consistently took part in throughout her college years and continues to today.


Once she moved to Dominica the love and passion for service grew magnanimously. Growing up in a church teaching kids and being around kids, she never thought it would come full circle to her considering a career in the field of education by pursuing education or counseling as a master’s degree in the near future. She is eager to learn and build on her knowledge to better serve her community and to advocate for the necessities of education and basic needs that every human deserves by partnering up with Give More Hugs. She is immensely grateful for the opportunity with Give More Hugs whose mission and value she admires dearly.

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