Together, we can impact students' lives!

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We invite you to help us continue our mission to impact the lives of students in underserved areas across the United States and where our mission began in Dominica. Together, we provide students in low-income communities with books, school supplies, art supplies, leadership trainings and inspiration. 

Your support will help us change students' lives. Our nonprofit model is unique because we train and mentor students (middle school, high school and college students) to develop lifelong leadership skills while actively making a difference in their community. Each student has the potential to impact 1,000 students in a school. This year, we have 31 students implementing our HUGS Backpack or BookShare program to ensure students have access to books and school supplies.

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There are over 5 million students in public schools in Texas and over 50 million students in public schools across the United States. Over 15 million students in the US live at or below poverty. 1.7 million of those students in Texas live at or below poverty level. These numbers are astonishing. According to the United Nations, students in low-income areas are lacking a quality education because of inadequate teacher training, school infrastructure and equity issues. Additionally, these students are lacking reading skills. That is why it is our goal to share our love for learning and reading with children in low-income communities. And that is why we invite you to continue to support our mission and work.

We appreciate your thoughtful support! Your generosity and support will allow us to have a huge impact in 2019! Thank you for helping us change lives, one student at a time.