Twitter Chat

We invite you to watch the responses from our #hugsforedchat TWITTER CHAT that occurred on Wednesday, March 10 @8-9pm EST. Follow this great discussion that expands on our recent webinar topic: "LEADERSHIP is a PROCESS" - The 7 C's Model of SOCIAL CHANGE. 
Twitter Chat Questions
Q1: Consciousness of Self: What characteristic do you love most about yourself, how does it help you create change in the world?
Q2: Congruence: What tools do you use to keep yourself on task and organized?
Q3. Commitment: What activities are you most passionate about and therefore committed to seeing change?
Q4. Collaboration: There's no I in TEAM, why is it important to work with others?
Q5. Common Purpose: How would you inspire others to join @hugsnonprofit in the mission of providing quality education?
Q6. Controversy with Civility: Give some advice on how you would resolve conflict or confrontation?
Q7. Citizenship: Post your favorite photo of you promoting CHANGE in your community.