Who We Are


Helping unite giving souls to provide students in need with the tools to inspire a love for learning, reading, and creativity.


We envision that every student is afforded an opportunity to receive and actively participate in a quality education.

What we do:

At Give More HUGS we realize that the lack of proper school supplies, resources, and support can greatly impair a student’s academic success.  Also, we know that a lack of academic resources can make effective lesson planning more difficult for teachers. We strive to unite with giving souls to provide students in need with educational materials, books with inspirational messages, extracurricular activity scholarships, and words of encouragement to inspire a love for learning, reading, and creativity.  Click here to read more about our programs.

A united effort goes a long way! And together we can make a difference!  We strive to give as many “HUGS” (Helping Unite Giving Souls) to students around the world!